Rosario Robles will remain in jail because the crime against her has not been repealed

February 5, 2022

Rosario Robles has processed amparos to continue her process outside of jail (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Judge Ganther Alejandro Villar ruled inadmissible the dismissal of the crime omission in cases of corruption of which he is accused Rosario Oaks and deciding that is not repealed, the former official will remain imprisoned in the prison of Santa Martha Acatitla.

The appearance was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., but was delayed by about an hour. Robles Berlanga did not want to go to the rooms of the Federal Criminal Justice Center and according to her defense, that refusal derived from seeing for health reasons, because the former federal secretary suffered COVID-19 and has sequels.

According to court reports, the hearing was postponed due to technical problems with the connection of Cisco Webex with the prison facility. The defendant appeared before the judge in her case through video conference and the process began by indicating the background of the amparo promoted and its scope.

Rosario Oaks came out favored in the appeal for the authority to thoroughly analyze if the crime of public servants was prescribed and a diffuse control of constitutionality was applied. But Villar Ceballos determined that the omission in the diversion of resources was still in force. as stipulated in article 114 of the Federal Budget and Treasury Responsibility Law.

A new hearing will be held against Rosario Robles Video: Twitter/@Mariana_Moguel

Had I decided otherwise, there was the possibility of setting the accused free. Sources consulted had already anticipated the judge’s decision, first, because has decided to keep the former official locked up throughout the judicial process since it fell into his hands, but also, because there are more crimes in the case.

Mariana Moguel, daughter of Rosario Robles, advanced this February 3 about the appearance to which the amparo granted to the defense through the Ninth Collegiate Court. As he argued, that resolution was due to considering human rights violations against the defendant.

“The time has come for Judge Ganther Alejandro Villar to act in accordance with the law at tomorrow’s hearing in the case of my mother Rosario Robles. It is time to show that justice exists in this country”

The lawyers argued that, if the prescription of the crime is proven, the politician could be released from prison or a hearing be summoned again in order to have the accusations against her reconsidered, since a person cannot be charged with repealed offenses.

The Santa Martha Acatitla prison is located south of Mexico City (Photo: Facebook@peraltarbk)
The Santa Martha Acatitla prison is located south of Mexico City (Photo: [email protected])

Lawyer Epigmenio Mendieta explained that the regulation had been modified by legislators. In this sense, Rosario Robles would no longer be accused of being omisa in the diversion of 5 billion pesos when I was in front of the Ministry of Social Development and the Secretariat of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban in the six-year term Enrique Pena Nieto.

At the end of 2021, on December 30, the same judge Villar Ceballos again decided to leave the former official in prison, after an injunction obtained more than two years after being detained and without having faced a trial in that time for the so-called case of the Master swindler.

The judicial authority recognized that Rosario Oaks He appeared for two appointments for the charges he faces. The reference to his declared residence was also accepted.

But you uploaded intelligence about other properties against him, even though He said he only had one.. In addition, the analysis of the penalties that would reach in case of being found guilty remains. Similarly, he mentioned that he did not have resources, but traveled to Costa Rica.


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