Winter Olympics 2022: this is how Donovan Carrillo trains before his debut in Beijing

February 5, 2022

The figure skater from Jalisco, Donovan Carrillo, began his training on the track where he will demonstrate his technical skills to get on the podium and compete for gold in Beijing 2022 (Video: Twitter/@COM_Mexico)

Donovan Daniel Carrillo Suazo, better known by his first name and last name, is one of the characters to follow from the Mexican delegation in the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022. After having achieved a historical classification in the discipline of Figure skating, will seek to get on the podium to crown his participation. Given this, three days after his debut, he appeared on the track to fine tune your moves before beginning the search for the prize.

Through its verified Twitter account, the Mexican Olympic Committee (WITH) reported that “Donovan Carrillo is already getting ready for his debut at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics″, while requesting the support of users. Attached to the message, they broadcast a video where the Mexican athlete is observed performing some exercises and movements to adapt to the conditions of the track located inside the Covered Stadium of the Capital.

Along with five other participants who will pursue the same goal, the man from Jalisco prepared his best moves. He started from one of the corners looking for the opportunity to position himself in the center of the track. After going halfway around the circuit, he picked up momentum on a zig zag route. Once you had enough momentum, performed the move known as Triple Axel (three vertical turns in the air) on a couple of occasions. After that he continued with his journey.

Donovan Carrillo became the first Mexican to execute a Triple Axel in international competitions (Photo: Issei Kato/REUTERS)

Carrillo Suazo positioned himself as the first Mexican figure skater to qualify for the Winter Olympics in the last 30 years. During his performance at the Stockholm World Championship, the Mexican exhibited routines with a high degree of difficulty when executing triple and quadruple jumps to perfection. Thanks to this, the International Figure Skating Union (ISU) placed him among those classified for Beijing 2022.

The last time that the Aztec country confirmed its presence in the discipline of Figure Skating was during the Olympic Games in Albertville 1992. Although his name was noted after achieving the distinction, the figure of the man from Jalisco had enormous relevance five years earlier, when a routine of his set to a song by Juan Gabriel went viral.

In September 2016, a month after the Mexican singer’s death, Carrillo attended the June Grand Prix track in Yokohama, Japan. For that occasion, chose the song “Until I met you” to perform one of his choreographies. His talent, as well as the popularity of the piece and its performer, turned the video into one of the most praised by the Mexican fans. For 2022, he will be looking to repeat the success by winning a medal.

Sarah Schleper, Jonathan Soto and Rodolfo Dickson complete the national delegation along with Donovan Carrillo (Photo: @rodolforobertodickson - @donovandcarr - @degalaxxy -
Sarah Schleper, Jonathan Soto and Rodolfo Dickson complete the national delegation along with Donovan Carrillo (Photo: @rodolforobertodickson – @donovandcarr – @degalaxxy –

Donovan Carrillo’s path to the podium will start on Monday February 7 o’clock 7:22 p.m. from central Mexico, when he participates in the Men’s Short Program. Three days later, at 7:37 p.m. it will do so in the Free Program of its branch and category.

Every four years, figure skating becomes one of the most attractive sports on the Olympic programme. Its first appearance was in London 1908, but it was not until Chamonix 1928 that it was established permanently. In 2022, will have five events which are men’s singles, women’s singles, pairs, ice dance and team event, although the Mexican will participate in the first.

In the competition, nine judges will evaluate the performance of the competitors in technical and presentation of the program. The first of them contemplates the execution of acrobatic movements and sequences, while the second will qualify the physical and mental state and the coordination of the routine. Synod members will rate on a scale of 0 to 6 and the highest scores will be those that transcend towards the final for a place on the podium.


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