28 pressed and 8 dead in an ADO accident on the Mérida-Cancún highway

February 6, 2022

(Photo: @ReynaCeciliaSM)

The accident that occurred on the morning of February 6, near the community of New Xcan, in Quintana Roo, up to now has left a balance 28 people pressed, 19 wounded and 8 dead.

According to official information, the company’s passenger truck ADO presumably overturned after a dump truck, which was loaded with material for the construction of one of the sections of the Maya Trend, it will cross into your lane.

Presumably and with preliminary information from the rescue forces, it was the cargo truck that invaded the lane of the ADO, so when trying to dodge it, the transport bus overturned. The scene was attended by elements of firefighters, the National Guard, the army, the Red Cross and the Urban Rescue Unit.

The emergency bodies of several nearby municipalities that came to the scene to help the injured, transferred the injured to different hospitals in the area such as Playa del Carmen, Valladolid, Cancun, Merida and Puerto Morelos.

It should be noted that security forces deployed in the area and cordoned off the perimeter to allow the Prosecutor’s Office carry out the lifting of the bodies.

In social networks the list of passengers traveling in the ADO was released, on the toll highway from Cancún to Mérida via Tintal. It was recommended that if they were relatives or acquaintances they could call 911 to obtain more information and help the injured.

List of ADO bus passengers.  (Photo: @VertienteGloba1)
List of ADO bus passengers. (Photo: @VertienteGloba1)

The bus that left for Mérida and in which 45 passengers were traveling (some of whom were minors and others foreign tourists), fell to the side of the road among trees, near Tintal-Playa del Carmen, the events occurred near kilometer 242.

At 11:00 a.m. the National Guard, Through its road information account on Twitter, it notified the partial closure of circulation due to the accident, in the section towards Cancún.

The driver was rescued by firefighters, as well as other passengers who were inside the bus. It should be noted that the section of said road is narrow, so there was road damage on the highway.

The National Guard notified drivers about the accident.  (Photo: @GN_Carreteras)
The National Guard notified drivers about the accident. (Photo: @GN_Carreteras)

In addition to this is added another accident reported around 2:45 p.m. on the same platform in which it was detailed that the partial closure of circulation occurred, approximately at kilometer 190 of the highway (2240), Agrarian Reform-Puerto Juarez, on the Reforma Agraria-Tulum section, towards Tulum. So the authorities recommended taking precautions.

In recent months there have already been two accidents on the highway, the first end of December 2021, when a young driver of a Beat suffered a spectacular accident, from which she was injured, so they had to transport her to a hospital.

The second was given January 29 this year, in which a driver of a red chevy collided with a mixer a few meters away from a junction known as GasAuto. According to witnesses, on that occasion the driver of the car wanted to overtake, however he did not notice the mixer coming from the front, despite the fact that it tried to avoid him, it managed to hit him. This accident cost the life of the Chevy driver.


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