Israel congratulated the US for the operation in which the ISIS leader died: “The world is now safer”

February 6, 2022

Joe Biden and Naftali Benet spoke this Sunday by phone about the death of the leader of ISIS, Iran and the crisis in Ukraine (EFE/Sarahbeth Maney)

Israel congratulated the United States on Sunday for “the brave” mission it carried out last Thursday in Syria, in which the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, was killed.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Benet, spoke today by telephone with the North American president, Joe Biden, whom he congratulated for the complex and risky operation, and He told him that with the fall of the terrorist leader “the world is now safer.”

The same Thursday, after learning of the death of Al Qurayshi in the Syrian town of Atmeh, Benet urged the United States and the international community to “continue the global fight against terrorism with strength and determination.”

According to the Israeli press, the intelligence of the Jewish State would have been key in its regular cooperation with the United States to find the whereabouts of the late leader of the Islamic State.

Al Qurayshi, head of the Islamic State, was killed in a US anti-terrorist operation in Syria
Al Qurayshi, head of the Islamic State, was killed in a US anti-terrorist operation in Syria

During the conversation this Sunday, the two leaders also discussed regional challenges, especially “the Iranian threat” and steps to curb its nuclear program.

Earlier this Sunday Benet assured that a nuclear agreement with Iran will not bring stability to the region nor will it serve as a deterrent against a possible Israeli attack on the Islamic Republic.

“Israel will maintain freedom of action in any case, with or without agreement”, warned the Israeli prime minister, when in recent weeks there have been attacks by the Houthis, the Yemeni rebel group supported by Tehran, on the United Arab Emirates, a country allied with Israel since they established diplomatic relations in 2020.

Benet accused the Iranian regime of failing to pursue peace and stability in the region as it negotiates the terms of a new nuclear deal in Vienna amid missile strikes by Iranian-backed rebel groups.

“This is how Tehran-style negotiations are carried out,” said the president, who reiterated that Israel is “closely monitoring the talks in Vienna” because “The biggest threat to the State of Israel is Iran.”

Naftali Benet assured that
Naftali Benet assured that “the greatest threat against the State of Israel is Iran” (WANA via REUTERS)

Benet and Biden also addressed the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine, an escalation of tension in which Israel maintains a lax position due to its relationship with the two countries.

Israel’s good relationship with both Moscow and Kiev has made some analysts perceive the Jewish country as a possible mediator in this conflict and some Israeli media have advanced that the United States has requested such mediation twice in recent weeks.

I would have been the Secretary of State, Antony Blink, who would have discussed this possibility with his Israeli counterpart, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

Benet also thanked Biden for his “strong support for Israel” and his assistance in the military field, specifically to maintain the effective Iron Dome anti-missile system, according to the official note.

For his part, the prime minister also invited President Biden to visit Israel soon, along with the first lady, and the two agreed to be in regular contact.

With information from EFE

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