Roberto Palazuelos apologized for statements towards his opponents: “I have a legitimate right”

February 6, 2022

The actor has been involved in controversy since he announced his political aspirations (Photo: Twitter/@Jacobo_Cheja)

The actor, businessman and gubernatorial candidate of the state of Quintana Roo by the party Citizen movement (MC), Robert Palazuelos, has been involved in various controversies since he showed his interest in being a participant in the political sphere of the country.

A couple of days ago, the black diamond attended the morning program of Imagen Television the sun rises Y assured that he is taking note of all those people who have criticized his candidacy and mentioned that once he becomes state president he will settle accounts against whom he has questioned his political aspirations.

“I’m going to tell you one thing, no dirty war is going to stop me, and all those people who are defaming me I am pointing, I am taking note; The time will come when he is the head of the executive that we settle accounts”, he commented.

For its part, deputies and senators of the orange party expressed their disagreement and discontent, not only to the declarations of the black diamond, but also to MC’s decision to make him part of their ranks.

MC members have repeatedly criticized the actor (Photo: Twitter/@MovCiudadanoMX)
MC members have repeatedly criticized the actor (Photo: Twitter/@MovCiudadanoMX)

Given this, the actor released a statement through his official Twitter account. Twitter where apologized for his comments during the morning show and noted that “his goal is justice, not revenge”, however he said that he is “receiving attack from the system”.

I am a citizen fighting to change my status and I’m getting system attacks. That made me make a mistake in a statement that I correct today: I want public power to serve so that no one experiences injustice or slander. For the system to work for the people and not to persecute political opponents. My goal is justice, not revenge. Being Governor or not, I have a legitimate right by civil means to file a civil suit against whoever defames or slanders me. I am a man of the law, respectful of the law and I am sorry that it has been misunderstood for which I reiterate a sincere apology. I respect the law and I will always respect it,” the document reads.

Being caught up in the criticism, Robert Palazuelos He stated on social media that I would never violate freedom of expression, however, stressed that he has the right, “like everyone else”, to bring to justice whoever slanders him, because “this is what the laws are for, to respect them and enforce them”.

The actor released a press release (Photo: Twitter/@robpalazuelos)
The actor released a press release (Photo: Twitter/@robpalazuelos)

“It is evident that those who feel threatened by my political participation are trying to discredit me, motivated by the despair of seeing this project grow. Their fear is so great that today they attack my human rights, which do not need a position to enforce them.”, he added in another message.

His tweet was picked up by Jorge Alvarez Maynez, coordinator of MC in the Chamber of Deputies, who clarified to the actor that the problem was not that people “misrepresented” what he said, but making such statements while aspiring to a position in power.

“I don’t think the problem has been that others have “distorted” what you said, Roberto. The problem is saying it while aspiring to lead the destinies of a state. The justice of Quintana Roo must serve to give peace to the people of that state, not to settle scores”, he asserted.

For his part, the party’s national secretary of Social Movements, Luis FernandezHe wrote on his Twitter account that the actor “does not represent the values ​​or the ideology” of the orange party, for which he asked him to write him down on his list because, he warned, he will vote against his candidacy in the National Electoral Assembly.


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