Thibault Magnin: the ‘covered’ Spain for a medal

February 6, 2022

  • He was born in Switzerland, raised in Mallorca, trained as a skier in the United States and now divides his life between Andorra and the Dominican Republic.

  • He aspires to a medal in acrobatic skiing where he competes with Javier Lliso. Apart from skiing, he works as a model.

China has to prepare for the ‘Thib show’. This young 21-year-old acrobatic skier warns him in every interview he does. And it goes much, much further. Is named Thibault Magnin and although his name sounds Frenchified, he has a Spanish passport and happens to be, although he is still unknown to the general public, one of the sporting values ​​at south of the Pyrenees, the ‘covered’ of the winter Olympic team that attends the Beijing Games. And the one who warns that he is going to fight for the medals in acrobatic skiing and, specifically, in the Big Air Shougang in the Chinese capital.

from this morning Second, along with his partner from Madrid Javier Lliso, compete in ‘freeski’. Take a run with your boards, turn, look for the track from side to side. The obstacle arrives and it flies. And that is where the ‘Thib show’ begins, one lap, two laps and even three, unlikely turns until returning to the Olympic artificial snow to look for the finish line and raise their arms happy at their ingenuity and convinced that the judges They have amazed with their flights.

“My dream would be to come back with a medal, but my first goal is to be in the Top-10 and qualify for the final.” The final is played on Wednesday. Before him and smooth They had to earn their place in the two qualifying series that are being played this morning. The hours are terrible to follow the competition among European winter sports fans.

“I am not going to ski under pressure. I am going to enjoy my skiing as I have done in the last two competitions before coming here, which has gone very well for me,” he explained this Sunday in Beijing, where he arrived after finishing in the top ten first in the two World Cup events that he has played as training with the Games in mind and where he has hidden part of his repertoire with the desire to premiere it in Beijing.

At the age of 8, he lost his mother.

Swiss father and Spanish mother (White is his second surname), Second he spent until he was 12 years old living six months in Freiburg and another six in Mallorca. It was then that he decided to go to the United States to improve his skiing and study at the same time. He kept a Spanish passport and coincided precisely in Switzerland with the national team of his mother, who died when he was only 8 years old. “For me it is an honor to represent my mother’s country,” he confessed a few days ago in an interview with ‘Marca’.

It didn’t cost him much to convince the Spanish coaches to give him a chance and, little by little, become a pearl, a diamond in the rough who wants to present himself to the great world society at the Games. And that he has had to spend nine months recovering after screwing up one of his knees, torn ligament and meniscus, terrible diagnosis for any athlete.

Spectacular to jump

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Now he divides his life between Andorra and the Dominican Republic, where he spends the summers, away from the snow and near the sea. He also seeks, apart from sport, another professional orientation since she works for a modeling agency in Barcelona.

“I have done one of the best training sessions of my life here in Beijing. In this Big Air there is the best jump in the world. And I come to the competition with a great mentality,” he said this Sunday. Thibault. So with this mindset, in Spain’s debut in Olympic freestyle skiing, a medal doesn’t seem like an impossible dream to come true.