Video: “It hurts me that you treat me badly”, Epa Colombia responds to attacks on its social networks

February 6, 2022

Taken from Instagram @epa_colombia

After the strong confrontation in social networks between Yina Calderón and Epa Colombia, the Bogota businesswoman has repeatedly had to go out and clarify the reason for the true cost of her hair products. According to Daneidy Barrera, the price at which she sells them is for the payroll she must pay for her employees, surveillance, cleaning staff and the high taxes that the DIAN would charge.

The woman from Bogota was celebrating Felipe Saruma’s birthday, in the company of Andrea Valdiri and La Jesuu, when in a high state of intoxication she shared some emotional words regarding the attacks of which she has been a victim on her Instagram account and the of his company, apparently by a group of followers who would not agree with the prices.

“Nobody buys bread, to sell bread. 33% is for the Government, 25% for my work team, 10% for the raw material, beautiful, beautiful, don’t attack me”, expressed the businesswoman through her ‘InstaStories’.

On the other hand, Barrera Rojas assured that many other products that are sold in the market, giving makeup as an example, have a value between $500 and $1,000 pesos and in the market those who sell them sell them for an approximate figure of $40,000. pesos.

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“Don’t judge me friend, I’m not stealing from you, I’m a real friend because I knew how to do it. I am a real friend because I have always shown you what I am, I do not have to pretend what I am not, I knew how to do it well, I broke it friend, I love you “, added the renowned content generator.

At the end of her statements, the influencer also asked for the collaboration of all those women who have had keratin done to go out and show the quality of the product she works with in her hairdressers, ensuring that she has 100% straight hair.

“More than 380 direct employees. You do not know what it is to assume a 33 VAT. You don’t know what it is to pay security and payroll. I hope one day you understand, because if it were easy anyone would have a company, I love you very much, I thought I had friends and not everyone is told the secret, “concluded Epa Colombia on their social networks.

Here the full video of Epa Colombia:

The businesswoman is attacked for revealing the prices at which her keratin comes out and the high prices she charges her consumers

The images were replicated by the entertainment portal ‘Rechismes’ and there the video has already reached 200,000 views and more than 5,600 ‘likes’. Likewise, there have been more than 810 users who have contributed with their comments, the opinions generated by the clip, pointing out that it is an action to look good with their followers and others, of their constant marketing strategy.

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Others have expressed their support for the businesswoman, as well as various comments accusing Yina Calderón of what happened:

“It’s true, anyone who has any business, knows that’s how it is, all the talk is for the DIAN”, “The more she talks, the more she shits”, “You can see that she is scared with that bad publicity that she threw herself over by tongue”, “The truth is that I am concerned about the quality of the product, that maybe we will have consequences later”, among others.


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