00Nation: this was the debut of the team led by Coldzera

February 7, 2022

Credit: @zerozeronation

After the confirmation of the latest additions to 00Nation, the squad -with Brazilian, Guatemalan and Argentinean participation and led by the veteran Coldzera- debuted in the second edition of the Pinnacle Winter Series in view of 1WIN. Beginning their participation in the European tournament, they fell by the minimum 2 to 1 in their first challenge and will compete again on Tuesday.

This competition will distribute 40 thousand dollars to the winner, who will also be part of LAN SWEET LAN in Belgrade (Serbia) with 250 thousand dollars to distribute. The face-to-face already confirmed teams like AND, Complexity Y Virtue Pro, and its start date is scheduled for August 15.

The match between 00Nation and 1WIN reached the third map after two tight results: in Mirage (00Nation’s pick) the South Americans kept 16-14, but in Dust 2 (1WIN’s pick) the Russians equaled the goals 16-12 . The decider brought the bo3 (best of three) to Nuke and despite a good start from CT, 1WIN he recovered in time on the first side and forced the overtime in the second, to close it 19-17. Despite the defeat, the Argentine was top-fragger, he got 49 kills with AWP and opened 16 rounds with the first down. In addition, he managed to stand out on all three maps as the player with the highest rating for a total of 1.29. 1WIN’s individualities weighed heavily at critical moments until the end, but 00Nation you will have the opportunity to start polishing rough edges.

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The online event features 24 Tier 2/1 hopefuls from Europe and kicked off its Swiss format as the first of three in total to take place. The eight teams that achieve three victories before losing three times will advance to the main Swiss, where the eight applicants who were invited directly to their second instance are already waiting. In both phases, eight will be out of the competition and will lead to the playoffs by direct elimination, where only one will get the grand prize. With 0-1 on the scoreboard, 00Nation will face LookinForOrg on Tuesday at 05 MX, 06 CO/PE, 08 AR, 12 ESP and can be followed through the main channel of Champion of Champions in English or through the channel infocsarg in Spanish.


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