Eleven Deportivo and Isidro Metapán tied goalless

February 7, 2022

11 Deportivo and Isidro Metapán failed to open the scoring in the match corresponding to date 5, played this Sunday at the Arturo Simeón Magaña stadium.

The figure of the meeting was William Torres. The Once Deportivo goalkeeper had a great performance against Isidro Metapán.

Another of the key players at the Arturo Simeón Magaña stadium was Oscar Arroyo. Isidro Metapán’s goalkeeper had a great performance against Once Deportivo.

There were 3 cautioned in the game: Julio Amaya, Yerson Gutiérrez and Boris Morales.

The coach of 11 Deportivo, Rubén Da Silva, arranged a 4-4-2 formation on the field with William Torres in goal; Kevin Menjivar, Kamoy Simpson, Jorge Najarro and Julio Sibrián on the defensive line; Walter Chigüila, Carlos Herrera, Melvin Cartagena and Herberth Diaz in the middle; and Brayan Paz and Josué Rivera in the attack.

For their part, those led by Omar Mejía stood with a 3-4-3 strategy with Oscar Arroyo under the three sticks; Milton Molina, Luca Orozco and Gregorio Murcia in defense; Alex Suazo, Gregori Díaz, Fernando Clavel and Julio Amaya in midfield; and Gerardo Guirola, Jhoaho Hinestroza and Yerson Gutiérrez up front.

11 Deportivo will visit Chalatenango the next day, while Isidro Metapán will host CD Águila at the Jorge Calero Suárez Landaverde stadium.

Note and image source: DataFactory