Former secretary of Pedro Castillo: “Resignation and vacancy are constitutional solutions that the president must analyze”

February 7, 2022

Former secretary of Pedro Castillo: “Resignation and vacancy are constitutional solutions that the president must analyze”

The political crisis that exists within the Executive caused the resignation of various figures among ministers and the secretary of President Pedro Castillo, Carlos Jaico. This had arrived at the Government Palace after the scandal that caused the departure of Bruno Pacheco from the position that he himself had just left days ago. According to his statements on the Punto Final program, this was due to the participation of the group of presidential advisers who assumed functions that did not correspond to them within the government.

“Pedro Castillo does not govern because one makes a decision with him and the next hour it is something else and that decision is made precisely by this cabinet of advisers”, said the former secretary who denounced a lack of coordination on the part of the president with the ministries, including the then president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez. “There was a fairly distant relationship fueled by these people who always told him gossip”, added Jaico in the aforementioned interview.

Despite the warnings that he claims to have given to the head of state, he did not end up moving away from those around him, a group made up of Biberto Castillo, Beder Camacho, Franco Pomalaya, Rodolfo Idrogo, Pablo Hernández and Sandra Paico. These, according to Jaico’s own statements, would have been those who opposed the entry into the Government Palace of the tax group that requested the building’s security cameras. Regarding the refusal to access the offices of the presidential office, Jaico confirmed that this was the president’s own refusal.

Photo: Composition
Photo: Composition


While Jaico was out of the capital for a license that he had requested, he receives a call from Camacho who points out that the president recommends that he go “looking for something else.” “Imagine yourself, they usurp functions, they feel empowered, they are drunk with power. It is precisely the president who empowers them and that is why things do not work. There is a disorder in the management”, he added.

However, days later when Jaico meets with Pedro Castillo himself, he asks him not to worry about the previous message and that “he can take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, a ministry that in those days was under the tutelage of Foreign Minister Maurtua. Fifteen days later, according to statements by the former secretary, the head of state ratifies the proposal and then points out that it would be better for him to be transferred to an embassy. “It is total informality, it is a lie every day,” Jaico said.

After seven months in which the Executive has seen four cabinets pass and more than twenty ministerial changes have been made, Jaico pointed out that part of the blame lies with “a group of people who are making the wrong decisions due to mediocrity, ignorance and lack of of competition”. He assured that he did grant his vote to Pedro Castillo in the second presidential round due to the message of change from someone from the town, “but it’s just another speech. It’s not about that anymore, it’s about doing things right with trained and competent people”.

The former presidential secretary stressed that there are solutions to the crisis that the president should take into account. “Resignation and vacancy are constitutional solutions that he must analyze and see at this time what is best for the country,” he added. The possibility of resignation has also been a request that has been heard from the Congress of the Republic by opponents and those who at some point showed their support for the head of state.


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