Juan Pablo Acosta, who plays ‘Jairo’ in ‘Arelys Henao’, recalled the tusa that led him to be close to alcoholism

February 7, 2022

PHOTO: YouTube screenshot (Caracol Television)

Contrary to what many people may think, the life of actors can be as fruitful as it is chaotic, and if not, let Juan Pablo Acosta say so, who plays ‘Jairo’ in the series ‘Arelys Henao: I sing so as not to cry ‘.

The artist kept nothing to himself when mentioning, in dialogue with ‘La Red’, that the economic problems presented throughout his career have prevented him from maintaining healthy personal relationships, showing the case he had with his partner after having his first child. and the fact of being the main economic provider of your household.

“When we had Jacobo, I assumed the role of provider in the house, so that caused me a lot of anguish and I begin to distance myself from her even though she was supporting me and giving me a lot of securityd”, indicated Acosta in the aforementioned entertainment magazine.

In that order, he indicated that there was a point where both managed to identify that the relationship was going through a critical moment, and it was there that both decided to end. That is how he left home, facing one of his worst troubles, because in addition to the above, the country was going through its worst crisis due to the pandemic.

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In his story, the actor confessed that “it was to find myself very face to face with absolute loneliness”, mentioning in passing all the sensations experienced since the beginning of that love break.

“There was crying, a lot of sadness, a lot of guilt… those moments that one goes through when there is a breakup, and I realized that I began to take refuge a little in drinking wine”, giving rise to talk about the alcoholism problem on which he was about to fall.

Later, he explained that he went to drink wine every day to the point that one day he opened his cupboard and found it full of empty bottles, realizing that he was on the edge of an addiction to this drink. It was at that moment that he took the step of giving up drinking.

Finally, he specified that his partner, despite the distance, found out about Acosta’s behavior and “it hurt him a lot,” he said. Later, he complemented by saying that she “is the love of his life” and realized that one was the base of the other to overcome their difficulties.

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Next, see here the talk of ‘La red’ with Juan Pablo Acosta:

Why didn’t Danna García star in the most watched series at night in Colombia?

In dialogue with the format ‘Together but not revolted’, Arleys Henao herself revealed that it was not Mariana Gómez who was in her plans as the actress in charge of interpreting her life, but Danna García, current protagonist of the second season of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’.

As the renowned singer explained in her statement, the production explained that her wish was not possible because the woman from Antioquia is already 43 years old and it was very complex to give her an appearance as youthful as the one needed.

However, the interpreter of ‘Mujeres y despecho’ and ‘Lo Past Pisado’ affirms that she felt very happy to know that Gómez would have this responsibility. Currently, Mariana Gómez is one of the most recognized acting figures in the country, not only for playing the “queen of popular music”, but also for her performance in “La Reina del Flow 2”.


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