María del Carmen Alva doubts that people with capacity want to be part of the fourth cabinet

February 7, 2022

08-30-2021 Peru.- The President of Congress makes Castillo ugly by not “clarifying” the controversial meetings at her home. The president of the Congress of Peru, María del Carmen Alva, has made the president, Pedro Castillo, ugly on Tuesday, who has not “clarified” the complaints that have been made about him in recent days after controversial meetings at his private residence. POLITICS RENZO SALAZAR / CONTACT PHOTO

The president of Congress of the Republic and congressman of Popular Action, Maria del Carmen Alva, considers that outstanding professionals “with dignity” would not accept an eventual call from President Pedro Castillo to integrate the new Ministerial Cabinet, the fourth since he assumed power.

Likewise, the legislator believed that the president had the opportunity to form a “good” Council of Ministers in July of last year.

I think he should have done that in the first cabinet. There I think he was able to get a cabinet with a broad base, of all forces, of all bloodlines and of prestige. Now, I sincerely doubt very much that people with capacity, who love each other, who have dignity, want to be part of this fourth cabinet.”, he maintained to D-Day.

Also, at another time he remembered the complaints of former officials of the current government that the presidential agenda is put together by the group of advisers to the head of state and that prevent correct communication with the Ministerial Cabinet as happened with the now ex-premier Hector Valer.

The congresswoman questioned Mirtha Vásquez, Carlos Jaico and Avelino Guillén, who recently left the Executive and denounced a “shadow cabinet” only when they were fired by Pedro Castillo.

We have seen that the former Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez; former secretary general Carlos JayThe; former minister (Avelino) Guillén tell the whole country that there is everything a shadow cabinet, that the president did not receive them, that they could not work with him, that he does not pay attention to them, the truth, I think, that nobody wants to enter a cabinet that nobody pays attention to them and they will be painted”, he alerted.

It merits the formation of an investigative commission of course, it is worrying. It also worries me that once they come out they just say it. They have lived with this corruption (…) and since they are no longer here, now they say so, we should think about that”, he sentenced.

Alva ended by mentioning that “Any exit issue” to the political crisis will be “the benches who will have to analyze and everything within the Constitution”.


The President of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, I consider that The President of the Republic should no longer be given another fourth chance, peter castle, to form a new cabinet since he considers that the head of state “is not qualified to elect anyone.”

I really think that he is not qualified to choose anyone. He has said that he is not qualified to govern and that he did not prepare himself. I think that he also has no criteria to choose the people around him: both the people who are in the Palace and his ministers”, he said in an interview with Punto Final.

The problem is not only that he is not trained, it is that he is not well advised, he does not meet with the right people. Now we find out from the former premier, the former secretary general who is kidnapped by those around him”, he pointed out in another part of the interview.


On the possibilities of getting out of the political crisis, the head of the Executive commented on the bill presented by the congresswomen Norma Yarrow (Advance Country) and Susel Paredes (Purple Party) to include in Article 117 the possibility of investigating corruption issues. He also said that he has also appeared Constitutional Accusation presented by another group of independent congressmen and that these issues must be debated in the Constitution commission.

He stressed that there is no presidential vacancy motion, although there is an announcement by the Popular Renovation bench to promote that path. “Any way out has to be within the framework of the Constitution“, He said.

When asked by the journalist if it should be given one more opportunity for the president to elect a new cabinet, María del Carmen Alva said no.


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