Not only the Virgin of Guadalupe, Gilberto Lozano also fell during a FRENAAA broadcast

February 7, 2022

Gilberto Lozano, leader of FRENAAA, convened in 10 states of Mexico for leaders of his movement (Photo: Twitter/@OficialFrenaaa)

Gilberto Lozano, founding member of National Anti AMLO Front (FRENAAA), returned to monopolize the media optics thanks to an unforeseen event that occurred during one of its broadcasts. And it is that the businessman from Nuevo León fell to the ground when a chair he was sitting on broke off one leg.

During a live broadcast, which went viral starting this Monday, January 7, the most visible member of the organization that is against the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was saying that the president harassed him with the so-called opposition, which was labeled as “controlled dissidence”.

“He is throwing all his dogs of controlled dissent on me”

First the Virgin of Guadalupe and now he (Video: @DaFenix10/@gerardomartp/Twitter)

Later, Lozano approached a chair to take a seat and be able to deepen his argument before what he accuses. “I am going to allow myself to present to you what López said yesterday,” he began, “that by the way, Mr. López is running out of days because of…”, at that moment the FRENAAA member’s speech was interrupted because the chair broke.

Immediately after his fall, Gilberto Lozano got up from the ground and continued with his speech as if nothing had happened; however, this incident did not go unnoticed by the users of social networks, who repeated insistently this fragment of the video to make fun of the businessman.

It should be noted that this is not the only incident that he has had during a transmission, since recently, during a video in which he promoted the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a portrait of this important figure in Mexico fell down to the floor while he wanted to speak ill of the government headed by the Tabascan.

In another video, Gilberto Lozano dropped an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Photo: Twitter)
In another video, Gilberto Lozano dropped an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Photo: Twitter)

“It is very importantThe What am I going to tell you…”, again fell silent for a brief moment, only to exclaim “Most pure Holy Mary!” and pick up the religious image from the ground.

Lozano has been leading the civil organization called FRENAAA for more than a year, which in 2020 held a sit-in in the capital’s Zócalo under the slogan of “remove” López Obrador from the presidency of Mexico; however, that demonstration was characterized by having empty tents and an influx of people every day less.

During that period, from September to November, the videos of tents that are blown away by the wind they were one of the attributes most remembered by public opinion. In addition, homeless people took the opportunity to take the tents and improve their situation.

Derived from the fall of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, many social network users made memes of her (Photo: Twitter)
Derived from the fall of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, many social network users made memes of her (Photo: Twitter)

On that occasion, the businessman gave an interview to Infobae Mexico, in which he assured that “López (Obrador) has his days numbered as a national president.” The hope that the movement had at that time was that, with the pressure they exerted, AMLO resigns before serving two years as constitutional president and, in this way, call for a constituent government that calls for new elections.

As revealed in various media, this was not fulfilled, but with the presidential proposal to apply the Revocation of Mandate, fanned the flame of FRENAAA to insist on citizen participation in this consultative exercise organized by the National Electoral Institute (OTHER).

In this regard, Lozano has insisted that the participation of Mexicans should be encouraged. “You are going to face a ballot box in which a single ballot will decide the future of Mexico,” he declared in a video. This in order to end the 4T, which was described as a “Bolivarian agenda, this Castro-Chavista dictatorship, this foreign influence to end our country”.


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