Part of chef Francis Mallmann’s hotel and restaurant caught fire in Uruguay

February 7, 2022

Argentine chef Francis Mallmann was in Patagonia at the time of the incident

A raging fire consumed much of the hotel and restaurant run by the renowned Argentine chef Francis Mallmann in the Pueblo Garzón area, located between the Uruguayan departments of Rocha and Maldonado.

According to what the newspaper reported The country from Uruguay, the fire began at dawn this Sunday in one of the service rooms in the part of the establishment where guests are staying and quickly moved to two other nearby rooms.

Although the causes of the incident are still unknown, the aforementioned medium specified that the flames were controlled by some neighbors and firefighters who worked for a few hours at the site.

Several fire brigades worked on the spot.
Several fire brigades worked on the spot.

From the south of Argentina, to where he traveled to spend a few days off, Mallmann himself referred to the event through a message on social networks, in which he explained that the damage caused was so great that the facilities must remain a time out of service.

“Last night the Garzón Hotel and Restaurant burned down, in the back of Uruguay. Today, from far away, in Patagonia, where I am, we prepare a lunch as a heartfelt tribute to the people and establishment that has given us 20 years of enthusiasm. Today, for moments in silence, I drank, ate and smoked embracing every sun and shadow of my memories during a very long table, remembering the thousands of customers who passed through its doors. With sadness, love and hope, embracing adversity. Let this table be a symbol of the joy of sharing and talking. Thank you very much to all who feel like we are lost. We will return, in silence perhaps, but slowly we will return”, the chef wrote on his Instagram account.

The fire caused extensive damage to the structure of the restaurant (Instagram: @_nicoleta_)
The fire caused extensive damage to the structure of the restaurant (Instagram: @_nicoleta_)

Several images that have gone viral in the last few hours show the interior of the restaurant completely consumed by fire and part of its furniture that was reduced to ashes. In other photos, you can see the fire trucks that arrived at the scene to fight the fire.

The establishment’s Instagram account detailed what happened and confirmed that the place will now be under repair: “Last night our restaurant was affected by a fire that spread and burned a large part of the hotel. Today we are forced to close the doors for a few days. Thank you all for the support and messages of love. We hope to be with you again very soon”, it was specified.

Pueblo Garzón is a small area of ​​Uruguay, barely two blocks long, where there is a railway station, a school, a grocery store, a church, a Social Recreational Club, a municipal house, bells at the entrances to the houses. and a square, the Plaza Artigas, as epicenter.

Francis Mallmann in his Uruguayan restaurant
Francis Mallmann in his Uruguayan restaurant

In this place, far from the big cities, the Hotel & Restaurant Garzon, founded and managed by the famous Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, which is located diagonally from the square and is known to be visited by various celebrities.

The concept of the place is characterized by the freshness of the raw material used in the preparations: “Our cuisine is based on all regional products and fish from the coast. The wood fire gives character to our dishes using the clay oven, the grill and the wood stoves. The herbs from our garden, with the best olive oil, are the seasoning for our recipes.. The main dining room with a view of the fires, overlooks the square and the long covered railings where you can rest and eat”, is detailed on the complex’s website.


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