River Plate presented the extension of the Monumental: the details of the works, how much it will cost and the relic that the fans will be able to have

February 7, 2022

Animated rendering of the new Monumental

“The future is Monumental”

In the act, which had Jorge Brito, Stéfano Di Carlo and Mariano Taratuty as its main speakers and which brought together important personalities from the club’s sporting life, River Plate presented the project for the remodeling of the stadium Monumental. It will be the continuity of the reforms that have already been made on the playing field.

“We understand that it is a milestone and that it means a very important step in the institutional life of the club, it is the result of a very long process,” said Stéfano Di Carlo, general secretary of the entity. millionaire, who anticipated that the next step will be to raise this project to all the governing bodies of the institution, beginning tomorrow with the Board of Directors and passing fifteen days later to the assembly of member representatives. The proposal will include the financing structure and the scope in terms of terms and general estimates of the work.

Then President Jorge took the floor Brito, who thanked the presence of idols of the institution such as coach Marcelo Gallardo, manager Enzo Francescoli, Leonardo Ponzio, Norberto Alonso and Ubaldo Matildo Fillol.

It is a very important day for many partners and members of the Somos River Community who cannot come to the court today so they can come. It also implies having the stands closer to the players from a sporting point of view. There will be new seats according to current needs since the ones that are today were placed in 1977 and the demand of our partners is for more comfortable and more modern seats”, explained the president.


With the reforms, 75 percent of the Monumental will be stalls and the remaining 25 popular

As Rodolfo D’Onofrio anticipated to this site in November of last year, this part of the reforms will be divided into two parts. Focus will be on the creation of three of the four lower stands (they will be in the area where the advertising banners are currently located): Sivori, Centennial and San Martin.

The Belgrano, on the other hand, will be held in the next phase since the River Plate institute must first be moved, which could be done within the club or on a nearby property, which would not prejudice the students.

“We plan to move it to Sáenz Valiente street, which is where Casa River is today. In that place a modern school will be built, with the light it deserves. Another idea is something that we have been trying for a long time: go where the Pole of Innovation will be. We are hopeful that the City will let us locate the institute. Otherwise it will be on that street. We want a school that is increasingly state-of-the-art, that has an adaptation to the world that is coming, that of computing”, Rodolfo D’Onofrio explained to this site at the time.

An old claim from members and supporters will also be fulfilled, such as the change of seats. First, advance will be made with those located in the lower and middle stands. “We will do something that does not exist in Argentine soccer: two tunnels that come from the locker rooms, making it possible for both to go out through the center of the field together, as happens in European stadiums,” Jorge Brito outlined.

The new Monumental will have an exclusive restaurant
The new Monumental will have an exclusive restaurant

The first part will begin, as this medium anticipated, in mid-March and will conclude in a year’s time. It will require an investment close to 20 million dollars.

In the middle Centenario, 30 new boxes will also be created, a restaurant with a view of the Barrio River and independent access, and a new garage floor (for approximately 240 vehicles).

In the second stage, which will also cost around 20 million dollars and is scheduled to be completed in July 2024, the bottom ring will close. With the works in Belgrano, 46 ​​boxes will be added to the media Sívori and in this way the circulation of the stadium will be closed. Two more parking floors will also be added.

Another important change that can be observed is the change in distribution: 75 percent will be stalls and the remaining 25 will be popular. Both behind the arch of the Sívori grandstand and the Centenario, in the current low, plus the lower low to be built, will be popular. Then there will be the lower side stalls, the San Martín and Belgrano stalls and the entire ring of middle stalls. In the case of Centenario and Sívori, these stalls will have no connection with the popular ones. In addition, the number of locations will increase by a number close to 9 thousand, becoming the largest capacity in South America, with a capacity for 81 thousand spectators.


Much of the money from the works will come through naming what will he have Monumental (Today the GDN Group, which has Francisco De Narváez as its main head and owns Walmart, Changomas and Punto Mayorista, among other companies, has an advantage, offered some 20 million dollars for 7 years to rename the house in River Plate.

The other will be from genuine institution resources, such as the pre-sale of tickets for these boxes and stalls that will be built in the short term.

The new tunnel that the Antonio Vespucio Liberti will have
The new tunnel that the Antonio Vespucio Liberti will have


President Jorge Brito announced that the old seats of the Monumental (They were installed in the ’70s). “A process will begin to sell them, giving priority to people who were lucky enough to live many experiences sitting in those seats, so that they can have them as memories for a lifetime. They will be able to tell their grandchildren everything that they lived sitting there”, he outlined.


To care for the new hybrid grass (95 percent natural and 5 percent artificial), the Millionaire will require companies that want to bring an international artist to the Antonio Vespucci Liberti that they use a special cover, which is imported and minimizes damage on the field of play.

“However, we will try to have them done on dates outside of the competition season. This year is a particular calendar, due to the World Cup theme, ”acknowledged the main president in Núñez.


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