The resignation of the United Kingdom from the 2030 World Cup paves the way for Spain and Portugal

February 7, 2022

The options for the 2030 World Cup to be held in Spain and Portugal They have multiplied in the last few hours. According to what the four British federations have communicated, the United Kingdom has made the final decision to renounce the organization of the event together with Ireland, converting the Iberian candidacy in the only European that will compete for it and, for the moment, in the only one in the world that has confirmed that it will do so.

In the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), as El Periódico de España, a newspaper belonging to the same group, Prensa Ibérica, has learned that this newspaper had prior proof of the decision adopted by the British candidacy, which was seen as the main opponent for the organization of the 2030 World Cup. In part, because the coexistence of both would have generated internal competition in UEFA, which would have divided the votes of the 55 European federations between the two options. His resignation has been experienced with a mixture of euphoria and satisfaction in Las Rozas.

UEFA support

Without the United Kingdom in contention, the candidacy of Spain and Portugal remains the only European one. Both Luis Rubiales and his Portuguese counterpart, Fernando Gomez, are vice presidents of UEFA, and have the endorsement of the president of the institution Alexander Ceferin, which will be personally involved in the success of the bid, in coordination with the two national federations.

Rubiales, who has been working behind the scenes for years to achieve the success of the candidacy, also counts on the fact that the excellent relations between the RFEF and Saudi Arabia, specified in the organization of the Spain Supercup, will also facilitate the favorable vote of the countries of middle East, a task in which the president has been involved.

Both the Head of State and the Government of Pedro Sanchez They also support a candidacy that currently has no specific opponent. Morocco advanced his idea of ​​bidding for the World Cup, but his options are seen as minimal. In South America, the question remains as to whether a candidacy led jointly between Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, a project that the pandemic has put in quarantine for the moment.

Qatar and North America

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The British federations have explained that they will launch their candidacy for the Euro 2028, understanding that it costs less than a World Cup and that the benefits are similar. Sources involved in the selection process explain, on the other hand, that the decision is mainly motivated by the competition that the Spanish-Portuguese candidacy represented, compared to a much smoother path to host the continental tournament two years earlier.

The usual intercontinental turnismo in this type of event further encourages the options of Spain and Portugal, given that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar and that of 2026 in North America. Never in history has the World Cup been held outside Europe for three consecutive editions. Rubiales, aware of this reality, set himself the goal of returning the World Cup to Spain after the successful experience of 1982. And today he is closer than yesterday to achieving it.