Valery Revello: Protected surfer Sebastián Bernos Parodi was accused of abusing a woman

February 8, 2022

Sebastian Alonso Bernos Parodi was reported for rape of a young woman in 2015. (Photo: Capture / Instagram)

The name of Sebastian Alonso Bernos Parodi He is in the middle of the eye of the press for being the protagonist of the ampay with Valery Revello, wife of Sergio Peña. The images where the model and the surfer are seen embracing each other and entering a hotel were broadcast on the Amor y Fuego program on the afternoon of February 7.

After that, questions arose about who is the surfer who appears in the video. It was the same program that, minutes later, revealed in a report the identity of the young man who now looks like the mother of the soccer player’s daughter.

turns out Sebastián Alonso Bernos Parodi has been involved in a complaint for rape of a young woman in a house in San Isidro. His controversial past was recalled by Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre, who wondered Sebastián and Valery would they have started a relationship or would it all have been a one night thing.


In 2015, Sebastián Bernos Parodi, 23, was accused, together with his friend Rodrigo Sánchez Isasi, 26, of raping a young 20-year-old student. Both were students at a prestigious university who ended up with a complaint for abusing a woman.

According to the victim’s statements, Sebastián would have given her a drink that seconds later made her feel dizzy and it was at that moment that he took her to a house in the San Isidro district. At that time, the young university student was a renowned surfer.

This happened after the victim attended a party in Mamacona with a friend who recognized the athlete at that moment and decided to get into his truck. The defendants told them that they could take them to Lima and after leaving one of them, the young men did not let the other girl get out of the car.


After exposing the case to the media in October and making the respective complaints, the Ninth Court of Lima ordered nine months of preventive detention for the two university students who were already detained.

Before that, they were captured and released, since the police took 12 minutes to send the police report to the prosecutor’s office and the 24-hour arrest period expired. However, they served a few months in prison and then the measure was changed from a simple appearance measure, leaving them free.

On the other hand, Bernos’s mother did not hesitate to defend him and pointed out in an interview that the young woman with the initials of LYC would have denounced her son for raping her, believing that she had been filmed. In addition, he assured that everything was consensual.

“She arrived in San Isidro and began to consume more liquor than she had already drunk in Mamacona. Then she decided to maintain relations with Sebastian.”, said the mother for the local media Peru21.

Valery Revello: Protected surfer Sebastián Bernos Parodi was accused of abusing a woman


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