Valery Revello: who is Sebastián Bernos, the surfer supported by Sergio Peña’s wife?

February 8, 2022

Sebastian Bernos Parodi

Valery Revello, wife of Sergio Peña, was captured in the south boy the weekend next to a surfer. He could be seen in a nightclub in Punta Negra with a group of young people around 3:30 am, but he was especially close to Sebastian Alonso Bernos Parodi.

According to the program Amor y Fuego on Willax TV, the wife of Peña and Bernos were in a group until shortly before dawn, until there was a fight and Valery asks him to leave. They left in the direction of Punta Hermosa in Bernos’ truck. They were looking for several hotels, first in San Bartolo with no luck. Then they can be seen leaving for San Bartolo.

After discarding a lodging in said spa but they leave after a few minutes. They arrive at the Puerto Luis hostel. They stayed an hour and returned to Punta Hermosa.. Where she gets into her car to go home.

But, who is Sebastián Bernos? This is an athlete who in 2015 was involved in a case of rape. Sebastián at that time was 23 years old and a university student. Together with Rodrigo Sánchez Isasi (26) they were accused of raping a 20-year-old girl in a house in San Isidro, after a party.

At that time, the Ninth Criminal Court of Lima issued nine months of preventive detention against Bernos Parodi and Sánchez. The magistrate accepted the request of the representative of the Public Ministry who demanded the arrest of those involved in the framework of the process that follows them for rape.

However, the family of the 20-year-old girl complained about the decision of the prosecutor Augusto Berrocal Castañeda who ordered the release of the two defendants because the police report arrived a few minutes late.

The relatives of the accused denied that rape occurred. They affirm that the complainant had consensual sexual relations with Sebastián Bernos, at the house in San Isidro, however, recently reported an alleged outrage upon learning that they had filmed her.

Sergio Peña’s wife, Valery Revello, is captured by ‘Amor y Fuego’ entering a hotel with a surfer Sebastián Bernos Parodi


As seen, Sergio Pena and Valery Revello they have not been posting any photos together on their social networks; However, it is known that a few weeks ago they both celebrated their little daughter’s third birthday together with a big party attended by family and close friends.

Thus ruling out rumors of a possible separation. It should be noted that in 2019 both were married in a small and totally private ceremony where they shared images of the precise moment they signed their marriage certificate and she showed her ring.

Let us remember that the Peruvian national team is training in Spain with his team, the Malmö FF of Sweden. On your side, the young businesswoman is enjoying the Miami sun and has only chosen to limit comments on his Instagram posts.

From Spain, the soccer player Sergio Peña spoke before the ampay where the mother of his daughter, Valery Revello, is seen in affectionate situations with a surfer. The footballer came forward to make a clarification with a statement published by the Advisory and Responsible Management of Footballers (AGREF), through his Twitter account.

“Given the images that are about to spread, I want to inform you that today I have no romantic relationship with Valery, the mother of my daughter, with whom we have been separated for several months. This is known in all our close circles and family”, said the athlete.

“I maintain a cordial and close bond with Valery, and I ask the general public to respect her and our families,” he concluded.


Sergio Peña’s wife, Valery Revello, is captured by ‘Amor y Fuego’ entering a hotel with a surfer Sebastián Bernos Parodi
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