Raiders are to blame for Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill trade

Raiders are to blame for Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill trade

March 27, 2022

It is all the Las Vegas Raiders’ fault that the Kansas City Chiefs felt that they had to trade Tyreek Hill away to the Miami Dolphins.

By acquiring Davante Adams in a blockbuster deal the Green Bay Packers, the Las Vegas Raiders indirectly played a part in the Kansas City Chiefs trading away Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins.

Adams initially was slapped with the franchise tag in NFL free agency. While many people thought he would stay in Green Bay to keep on playing with Aaron Rodgers, he was dealt to the Silver and Black to reunite with his former college teammate, Derek Carr. Adams inked a massive five-year deal worth $140 million. Green Bay received a 2022 first-round and a second-round pick for him.

Because Adams is seen as arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, the rising tide lifted all boats in the wide receiver market. This made Hill incredibly expendable for the cash-strapped Chiefs. Given that Miami was swimming in available cap space, the Dolphins were able to sign Hill to a four-year, $120 million deal. The Chiefs received five draft picks from Miami for Hill’s services.

Had Adams not been dealt to the Raiders, there is a strong possibility that Hill is still a Chief.

Las Vegas Raiders played a part in Tyreek Hill being traded to the Miami Dolphins

On paper, this stinks to lose a one-of-a-kind playmaker like Hill to another contending team in the AFC. However, this is what happens when a team’s franchise quarterback is adequately compensated. Patrick Mahomes should always be paid like a top-five quarterback in the league for as long as he plays at that elite level. Since it is a hard salary cap, his pay takes away from others.

One could argue that Hill is a top-five wide receiver in the league. He was fairly compensated to some degree in Kansas City, but this Adams trade totally forced the Chiefs’ hand. Keep in mind this one very important thing with regards to the Adams deal. Las Vegas was desperate for a No. 1 wide receiver and was more than willing to pay a premium for an elite talent like that with Adams.

What seems to be crystal clear is the Chiefs valued Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce, who needs to get paid, more than Hill. The Kansas City brass also believes it can use its draft capital from the Miami trade to reload their roster. It may not yield dividends right away, but this move is one with a strong, long-term vision in mind. The Raiders just expedited the process for the Chiefs.

Because the Raiders needed a No. 1 wide receiver, they indirectly caused the Hill trade to Miami.