Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Everyone had the same Josh Allen joke after NFL changed OT rule

March 29, 2022

Twitter saw the new NFL overtime rule changes and turned Josh Allen into a punching bag.

With the NFL overtime rules changes for the postseason, the fine world of social media saw it fit to unite and pile drive Josh Allen through a flaming folding table that is the Twitter parking lot.

Despite throwing as many touchdown passes to Gabriel Davis in the divisional round as Jim Kelly lost Super Bowls, the Buffalo Bills were no match for the coin flip when they took on the Kansas City Chiefs that unforgettable January night in Arrowhead. Though Bills Mafia will one day be able to escape the horrors of Sean McDermott’s finest hour, Allen got harpooned on Twitter.

Allen may be a franchise quarterback, but he has replaced Will Smith vs. Chris Rock as the trending joke on social media.

Social media treats Josh Allen like a folding table after NFL OT rule changes

The absolute worst part in all this is Western New York had like one whole day to celebrate getting approval for a new outdoor stadium to not be included in the Super Bowl rotation for the rest of time.

While one of these days Allen may get his vengeance in an NFL overtime game, Twitter is crucifying him like he died for the sins of Bills Mafia. You are a better man than all of us.

The only way to solve this is for McDermott to go full-blown Brandon Staley and go for it on every fourth down, which will be the case if the Bills take another L in the much less relevant coin toss.

Just imagine. On fourth-and-forever from their own 20-yard line down seven points to some other AFC juggernaut, Allen calls his number on a good, old-fashioned Vince Lombardi power sweep to the right. He is screaming like William Wallace the entire time as he rushes for 80 yards to bring the game within one. The wind was mighty that day, boys and Scott Norwood gets off the hook.

May the rest of Allen’s NFL overtime career be as proud and majestic as the buffalo on his helmet.