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Antonio Brown takes another step to guarantee he won’t get signed

March 31, 2022

Wideout Antonio Brown told TMZ sports he won’t undergo ankle surgery until a team signs him to a new contract. 

After his nasty divorce from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Antonio Brown is still looking for a new home. However, it doesn’t look like he’s helping out his cause at all. In a recent interview with TMZ, Brown sure complicated things for himself.

Brown said that he still hasn’t undergone ankle surgery. It’s the same injury that was bothering him with the Bucs, which ultimately led to him refusing to take the field against the Jets. On top of that, Brown said he won’t have the surgery until a team inks him to a new deal.

Antonio Brown refusing to have surgery until he’s signed is an awful idea

Why in the world would Brown think this is a smart decision? The ankle injury was the reason things got so nasty between him and Bruce Arians, with Brown even accusing the former Bucs head coach of trying to make him play injured.

Now, Brown won’t get that injury taken care of until he gets a contract offer put on the table? It doesn’t make sense. No general manager is going to want to pay Brown millions of dollars knowing he’s still being hampered by a banged-up ankle.

Team have been showing interest in the veteran wideout, but this latest interview from Brown is only going to make people question whether or not he’d be worth signing. When Brown is healthy, you can’t argue he can make quite a difference for an offense. Tom Brady knows all about that.

Unless he gets his ankle fixed, though, it’s going to scare away plenty of front office personnel. Brown may want to rethink his current position if he wants to join a squad in the near future.