Bobby Wagner still unhappy with John Schneider in emotional Seahawks goodbye post

Bobby Wagner still unhappy with John Schneider in emotional Seahawks goodbye post

April 1, 2022

Bobby Wagner took to Instagram to say goodbye to Seattle and it’s clear he’s still unhappy with John Schneider. 

For the last 10 seasons, linebacker Bobby Wagner has meant so much to the Seattle Seahawks. A six-time First Team All Pro selection, Wagner will be headed to Canton one day where he’ll be celebrated as one of the best ‘backers of his time.

However, before that happens, he’ll be suiting up for the LA Rams, finalizing his deal on Thursday. Going from the Seahawks to the Rams isn’t easy. Before focusing on helping LA repeat as champs, Wagner took to Instagram to let everyone in Seattle know how much the city means to him.

Watching Bobby Wagner play for the Rams won’t be easy for Seahawks fans

“I want to start off by saying THANK YOU to Seattle for embracing this Cali kid, with a dream of playing in the NFL,” Wagner wrote on Instagram. “Though it didn’t end in a positive way; I want to be clear, my love for Seattle will never change. Seattle is truly a place I call home & the love I’ve felt throughout the city is a feeling I will always remember.”

What stands out from Wagner’s post is the part where he says, “though it didn’t end in a positive way.” Everyone knows he’s alluding to the Seahawks cutting him, with Wagner never hearing from the front office about this.

General manager John Schneider admitted he could have handled things better, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Wagner felt disrespected. Seahawks are on Wagner’s side here. After balling out for Seattle and helping the team win a Super Bowl, Schneider needed to treat him better than this.

In the end, Wagner will end up playing for one of the team’s biggest rivals. It won’t be easy for people in Seattle to see him donning a Rams jersey starting next season.