Will latest bombshell scandal cause NFL to force Daniel Snyder out as Washington owner?

Will latest bombshell scandal cause NFL to force Daniel Snyder out as Washington owner?

April 3, 2022

The latest scandal surrounding the Washington Commanders could force Daniel Snyder to lose his franchise.

Of all that scandals surrounding the Washington Commanders, it might be holding back ticket revenue that causes owner Daniel Snyder to lose his team.

Front Office Sports reports Washington may have withheld ticket revenue that is supposed to be shared with the other teams. With the way the NFL bylaws work, all teams are supposed to share 40 percent of ticket sales — sans service charges, taxes, things of that nature — with the league. This money is supposed to be shared amongst the other league owners. This is a huge problem.

Because this money goes towards things like the salary cap, Snyder potentially cooking the books could force the league to find new ownership for the long-suffering Washington franchise.

Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and gets new ownership in Washington?

Washington Commanders’ latest scandal could force Daniel Snyder out

Though Washington has had its issues with ticket sales recently, a franchise cannot withhold the 40 percent of ticket revenue that belongs to the league. Washington has one of the worst stadiums in the NFL and one of the poorest attendance rates league-wide. No franchise is going to be mad if the 40 percent is what it is, but it has to be 40 percent of whatever the revenue is.

The reason this is such a big issue is nobody has any idea how long this has been going on for. The NFL has only begun its investigation into Snyder’s books. If Washington has been withholding money from the league for who knows how long, the Commanders will be getting a new Commander-in-Chief very soon. Their other scandals are horrendous, but ultimately, money talks.

If Washington is in need of new ownership, the Commanders would join the Denver Broncos as NFL franchises up for sale. The most recent team to be sold was the Carolina Panthers for scandalous reasons involving former owner Jerry Richardson. David Tepper now calls the shots in Charlotte. Could Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos by the Commanders with his Amazon money?

If the FBI could get Al Capone for tax evasion, the NFL can totally get Snyder for cooking the books.