Stefon Diggs got a massive new extension and Josh Allen is psyched

Stefon Diggs got a massive new extension and Josh Allen is psyched

April 6, 2022

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen offered his curt approval of the lucrative Stefon Diggs extension that keeps Diggs in Buffalo with Allen. 

In the chaos that is the 2022 NFL offseason, one thing that was not up for debate was whether or not Stefon Diggs would remain in Buffalo—at least, that wasn’t a debate scheduled for this year.

Diggs was still on a deal that had him with the Bills until 2023, but the Bills proved their loyalty and appreciation to Diggs when they signed him to a monstrous extension. Diggs’ deal is a $104 million extension for four years, although the deal reportedly ties Diggs to Buffalo for the next six years to the tune of $124.1 million. That deal closely resembles the deal the Bills offered to veteran linebacker Von Miller, who will be in Buffalo for the next six years for $120 million.

The intent of all parties involved is to keep Diggs entrenched in the Bills offense until he is 35, playing out the rest of his already-illustrious career becoming even more in sync with quarterback Josh Allen.

Clearly, Allen couldn’t contain excitement, conveying his overwhelming enthusiasm with a single word: yes.

Josh Allen thrilled to keep Stefon Diggs with the Buffalo Bills

Although Stefon Diggs wasn’t looking to get out of Buffalo, another member of the Diggs family pondered about a potential relocation. Two weeks ago, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs shared on Twitter that he has “always wanted to play with his brother”, but Trevon wasn’t looking to join him on the Bills.

“14 to Dallas would be [fire],” Diggs wrote, and Josh Allen had the perfect one-word response then, too.

“No,” Allen wrote, effectively shutting down Trevon’s tampering attempt to win over his brother and create a Diggs Dynasty in Dallas.

Instead, Allen and Diggs will be looking to continue their own era in Buffalo as one of the AFC’s top teams, with two consecutive AFC East titles and impressive playoff bouts. Brian Daboll may have departed, but Diggs, Allen and Miller are with Bills Mafia for the long haul.