Patrick Mahomes posts adorable photo of Sterling watching The Masters

Patrick Mahomes posts adorable photo of Sterling watching The Masters

April 7, 2022

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared an adorable post of his one-year-old daughter, Sterling, as the two watched The Masters.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have made it clear that they are sports fanatics beyond just football. The two have become a powerhouse in Kansas City sports ownership, with Mahomes joining the MLS Sporting Kansas City ownership group last year. Mahomes is also a part owner of the MLB’s Kansas City Royals, and his wife, Brittany, is a co-owner of KC’s NWSL team.

It seems that the latest addition to the Mahomes family is also an avid sports fan as she enjoys the tee off to The Masters. Patrick Mahomes shared three precious photos of his one-year-old daughter Sterling, announcing that they were ready for The Masters this year.

Patrick Mahomes and his daughter Sterling are ready to watch The Masters

Even though she is one year old, Sterling’s doting parents are preparing their young daughter to enter the sports world with as much fervor as her athletic parents. Sterling is sporting a green and white onesie with a small Masters logo, matching her ensemble with a green Masters sippy cup and giant green bow.

It seems that the Masters has carefully considered how the current generation of golf fans will engender that love of the game in their children, considering Sterling’s adorable Masters gear that has her ready for the tournament.

This isn’t the first time Sterling has been dressed in the all the right colors to witness a sporting event in her young life. Last April, Patrick and Brittany brought their two-month-old daughter to see the Kansas City Royals for the first time. Sterling’s grandfather Pat Mahomes spend a decade in the MLB, and although he never played for the Royals, he clearly passed on his love of the game—and his patching talent—to his son, Patrick.

Before Patrick and Brittany can encourage Sterling to try her hand at sports, she’s getting a head start by growing a love of the game since her birth.

For anyone looking to snag some Masters gear for their own one-year-old, the green and white striped onesie that the Mahomes family chose is available online for $65.99.