LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 11: Jerry Jones speaks during the Forbes Super Party at Winn Slavin Fine Art on February 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Forbes)

Jerry Jones makes bold statement about Cowboys’ NFL Draft plans

April 13, 2022

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed that the team could turn some heads and trade up in the first round. 

Later this month, the NFL Draft will get here and Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere will be waiting to see what Jerry Jones and the front office do to help this team improve. Could a surprise move be on the way?

This week, Jones said that the team is considering a variety of options, including moving up in the first few rounds. Clearly there’s players high on the board for Dallas, but they don’t know if those guys will still be there when the team is on the clock.

The Cowboys trading up early in the draft is something to watch

“I would trade up in this draft,” Jones said via CBSSports. “Just going in — a much as you can say about it — what’s there and who’s on the other line, but yes, I would trade up since we’re down as low as we are in those first two or three rounds. If we have a chance to and somebody that we really coveted was sitting at the bottom like [former All-Pro center Travis Frederick], who was sitting at the bottom [of the first round] and we were able to trade up and get him.”

In the first round, Dallas currently holds the No. 24 overall pick. Judging from Jones’ quote, though, Dallas very well could end up trying to climb up a little higher to take someone they’re a fan of. There’s plenty of needs for this team on both sides of the ball, so that first-rounder will be crucial for Dallas.

There’s been plenty of movement for Dallas this offseason, of course including trading Amari Cooper to the Browns. You never know, maybe the Cowboys will go get a standout wideout for Dak Prescott to throw to in that first round. Stay tuned.