Watch: Aaron Rodgers throws football at high schooler who taunted him

Watch: Aaron Rodgers throws football at high schooler who taunted him

April 13, 2022

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasn’t about to let some snarky high schooler get the best of him without a fight.

Rodgers was clearly joking around, of course.

No. 12 showed up to a youth flag football event in Orange County, California to participate in some 7-on-7 games. Rodgers threw an interception to a young player which, while funny, surely wasn’t what the Packers QB is accustomed to.

The high schooler reveled in the chaos, celebrating Rodgers’ miscue a little too much for his liking. Aaron wasn’t about to let that slide.

The viral moment made Rodgers look like a poor sport, when in reality he was likely just joking around. Regardless, that kid will never forget the time he picked off an NFL legend.

The charity event raised $375,000, and Rodgers by no means had to be there. We should be celebrating that fact, rather than laughing at Rodgers. HOWEVER, given the current social media age we live in…what did No. 12 expect when he reacted like a child?

What should Packers expect out of Aaron Rodgers this season?

That might be the only interception Rodgers throws in the next calendar year. Embrace it, kid.

Despite losing Davante Adams, the Packers are expected to be among the top teams in the NFC yet again. Assuming they can add some weapons on the outside around their star quarterback to perhaps make up for the loss of Adams by committee, Green Bay can reach new heights.

At least, that was the goal when Green Bay traded Adams, no? Use that money elsewhere.